Definition and duties of the "Responsible Person"

According to the requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation, each cosmetic product on the EU market has to be guarded and guarantied by a so called “Responsible Person”. The Responsible Person is liable (legally responsible) for the regulatory compliance of its cosmetic products on the EU market. The Responsible Person must be an EU legal entity (person or a company which is registered in one of the EU member states and which is subject to EU jurisdiction).

The Responsible Person is usually the EU manufacturer or EU importer, but it can also be a contractually assigned representative. The Responsible Person must be in possession of the cosmetic product dossier which is available to the authorities for their control and monitoring activities. The name and the address of the Responsible Person (the dossier holder) must be displayed on the product label. The eventual product (dossier) inspections will always take place at the address of the Responsible Person as indicated on the product label. This can be one central location/person for all EU member states. 

Our contracted Responsible Person services

The Regulatory Company can act as Responsible Person (Legal Representative) on behalf of the non-EU companies who wish to sell their products on the EU market. By contracting us as your Responsible Person you can  centralize all your EU regulatory activities and avoid sharing confidential information (technical dossier content like formulation data) with the local distributors/importers.