About us

Welcome to meet the team, and feel free to contact one of us directly to discuss any questions you may have.

The Regulatory Company

We aim to guarantee product safety and compliance in a rapidly developing context. We act with in dept toxicological and regulatory knowledge, and pursue an effective and efficient way of working. We are convinced we have to do so in cooperation with regulators, authorities, producers, distributors, brand-owners, service providers and other stakeholders.

To add the highest possible value we contribute in the entire product lifecycle from an information management, regulatory and toxicological perspective, by offering and executing complete services, in close and involved partnership with our clients.

We place customers first, work fully digital making use of the latest available technology, are well informed and our experts can be contacted easily and directly.

The Regulatory Company team

As a team we share a highly complementary mix of in dept toxicological knowledge, the latest state and developments in regulatory and safety, career long experiences in globally operating (cosmetics) companies in regulatory roles, commercial understanding and empathy, and software development and software management roles.

Together we have an extensive network in cosmetics and food supplements with all relevant stakeholders, and we contribute through organising and speaking at events, in safety assessment courses and in academic courses.

Zoran Gavric

Master in Toxicology. Founder and co-owner of TRC. Expert consultant. 15+ years of experience. Conference chair and speaker.

Herman van Zonneveld

Chemist by education. Co-owner of TRC, Expert consultant. 30+ years of experience. Global regulatory management in cosmetics and food supplements.

Iris de Lignie

Nutritionist. Regulatory project manager. 10+ years of experience. Regulatory project and product dossier management, labeling strategies, notifications and process management.

Jasper ten Brinke

Master in Business. Co-owner of TRC. Business Development, Finance, Sales. 15+ years of experience. Portfolio management and business strategy.

Peter van der Pols

Master in Software Engineering. 25+ years of experience. Expert Systems for Finance, Legal and the Public sector.

Our network and partners

As a team we have an extensive network with relevant stakeholders in the cosmetics and food supplements sector. And we participate, cooperate and partner when we are convinced that we can improve on the knowledge and expertise of others and ourselves.