We are convinced that we need partners for our clients and ourselves to be successful. Over the many years that we have provided regulatory services we have built a large and diverse network of knowledge and commercial partners. We aim to expand our network, and to connect our network with our clients to be even more successful.

Knowledge partners

As a team we have an extensive network with relevant stakeholders in the cosmetics and food supplements sector. And we participate, cooperate and partner when we are convinced that we can improve on the knowledge and expertise of others and ourselves.

We are contributing members in various associations, and take pride to participate in and contribute to courses, conferences and events

Commercial partners

All-in full-service solutions are important to our clients and to us. TRC focusses on regulatory compliance and safety and is appointed as the Responsible Person by most of our clients. However, our clients frequently need complementary services to be able to sell their products.

We are very interested to learn about offers that increase the possibilities to our clients. Solutions that lead to higher efficiency, effectiveness, quality and speed. We are interested in partnering to connect our clients with partners that provide one/multiple of the following services.

We are explicitly NOT driven by locking in our clients and are not pursuing commission revenue generating partnerships.