Training, consultancy & outsourcing

Regulatory compliance and assessment is increasingly complex when marketing in multiple product categories in multiple countries/regions. Sustaining high-quality regulatory expertise in house can be challenging, and the negative commercial impact of noncompliance can be severe.

As an alternative to building and maintaining this expertise stand-alone and internally, TRC offers custom options in the form of training, consultancy and outsourcing to match your needs for ad hoc or continuous regulatory support.


For all those conducting business in the cosmetics industry in the EU it is important to have a basic understanding of the EU Regulations. Having a basic understanding will enable you to take the right decisions along the way from a regulatory perspective, for example while selecting your suppliers, formulating your products and positioning, marketing and making claims about your products.

Companies committed to managing the regulatory compliance and safety internally from time-to-time seek to deepen knowledge on a specific aspect or gain broader knowledge on related regulatory topics. Sourcing this knowledge externally through training will help to grow and maintain internal expertise.

TRC has extensive experience with in-company trainings of regulatory departments, participation in academic and professional courses, and long-term training of (inspection) authorities. The topics covered can range from cosmetics and food supplements to borderline products in general, and very specific topics within the cosmetics and food supplements domain.


While having internal regulatory and safety expertise in house, you may run into “one-time-only” cases, decisions or need for strategic direction where day-to-day knowledge is not sufficient.

These could for example concern:

Our senior experts are currently working on highly diverse products in diverse product categories, and individually have up to 30+ years of experience with SME and Global companies. As a team we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to resolve whatever case and guiding you in any decision that you have in front of you.


For companies that take the perspective to focus on their core competences and/or have limited capacity to build and maintain regulatory experience, a beneficial solution is to source regulatory expertise outside of the company. Outsourcing to the right partner will ensure continuity, high-quality and maximum protection of commercial interests. In the longer-term, a knowledgeable well-organized partner will assist you in the setup of robust processes to prevent wrong decisions in choosing your suppliers, formulations and manufacturers to save time, resources and costs for unnecessary rework.

For most of our customers we provide all-in full regulatory services. A number of our current customers have requested us to take our services a step further and to actively participate in internal processes and/or meetings. Outsourcing (part of) the regulatory work can be shaped according to your needs, for example: by (part-time) heading the regulatory team; coordinating (nano) cosmetic ingredient research and registration; or completely taking over the regulatory function.