In our day-to-day work with all sector stakeholders we learn, get more experienced, and gain new insights every day. In this section we have included some of our insights that we deem to be relevant for a broad audience. Enjoy the read and contact us to learn more and/or share your views.

It is a strategic decision to market a product as a cosmetic or as a biocide. For cosmetic products compliance and market access can be achieved short term and at limited costs. However, these cannot have a primary biocidal claim and additional requirements apply. Once notified, cosmetic products can be marketed on the entire EU market, while ethanol-based biocides have to be authorised in each EU member state.

by Zoran

Food supplements claiming to be organic need to comply with Regulation (EU) 848/2018 on a number of aspects. To claim cosmetic products to be organic or natural it is best to follow to follow ISO 16128-2:2017.

by Herman

The Brexit transition period is likely to end by December 31st 2020. There will be considerable impact. It is important to timely prepare and provide reassurance to importers and retailers in both the UK and the EU.

by Jasper

Based on the currently available data and our assessment, it can be concluded that CBD is safe for use in cosmetic products, respecting the advised maximum acceptable quantities in finished products.

by Zoran