Cosmetics - what are the benefits of choosing a safety assessor and a RP in one?

Your business will benefit most if you yourself focus on core value attributing activities such as innovation, formulation, design, marketing and sales. Regulatory work should be managed efficiently and effectively support you and your commercial objectives without you having to manage various service providers (e.g. laboratories) and regulatory experts (e.g. SA, RP).

Alignment of interests

Alignment of capabilities and interests is key. The primary business of a testing laboratory is performing tests. A safety assessor will assess your products in a one-time effort only. The Responsible Person should continuously ensure compliance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and safety of the cosmetic product.

Having one single service provider act on your behalf, equipped with the (legally) required capabilities as a safety assessor (SA), and assuming legal liability as the Responsible Person (RP) for your products is the best solution. It is in the interest of the RP that the PIF and the safety assessment are complete, up-to-date and of the highest quality at all times. This will give you the best guarantees and peace of mind.

And how we work at TRC

To foster full alignment of interests with clients, TRC prefers to work in an all-in full-service set-up without unexpected costs along the way. In this set-up we do not charge additionally for advice; not for updated safety assessments as a result of changes in raw material compositions and product reformulations; not for updates of labels, claims and CNPNP notifications; and not for representation towards authorities and guiding authority inspections. Performing all activities in-house with our PRIMS software ensures full control and high efficiency.

At TRC we only require additional testing to be done when the raw materials and/or product formulation give reason to do so and when testing has not been performed yet by you or your suppliers. We have no commercial stakes or interests in the laboratories that we can recommend to you for analytical or in-vivo testing.