Cosmetics - what is the typical lead-time from start to EU product notification?

When all required information and testing data is available and the product is compliant and safe, all services including CPNP notification can be executed within 2-3 weeks provided that there are no limiting 3rdparty dependencies. After CPNP notification a cosmetic product can be placed on the EU market.

Lead-times, the PIF and dependencies

The PIF is central to the regulatory work field. A complete and up-to-date PIF will enable a short and efficient CPNP notification process from start to finish.

Delays are mostly caused by information/documents that need to be chased internally or at suppliers and/or when testing needs to be executed such as: accelerated stability tests (+/- 3-6 months); microbiological quality and stability including preservation efficacy (PET/challenge) tests (4-8 weeks); if needed patch/exposure tests (3-5 weeks); if needed claim support studies (duration dependent on claim and study approach); and/or when labelling including claims need to be adjusted.