Cosmetics - what obligations do I have according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation?

Your obligations and responsibilities depend on your role in the production, distribution and/or the sales of cosmetics products and where you are located. The safety and regulatory compliance of each cosmetic product on the EU market shall be ensured by the “Responsible Person”.

EU manufacturer

For a cosmetic product manufactured within the EU, and not subsequently exported and imported back into the EU, the EU manufacturer is the Responsible Person.

Any manufacturer

All manufacturers located inside or outside the EU shall ensure that the manufacturing of a cosmetic product complies with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

EU importer

For an imported cosmetic product, each individual EU importer shall be the Responsible Person for the specific cosmetic product he makes available on the market. A single cosmetic product can be imported by multiple EU importers where each individual EU importer is considered a Responsible Person for the quantities of the cosmetic product it imports.

EU distributor

In the context of their activities, shall act with due care in relation to the applicable requirements. A distributor shall verify labelling information, language and the minimum durability date specified on the product. In addition, he shall act on suspicions of non-compliance and non-safe products ensuring products will not be placed on the market and/or eliminate the risks of products already on the market.

3rd party Responsible Person

EU manufacturers and EU importers may designate, by written mandate, a legal entity or person established within the EU as the Responsible Person who has to accept this mandate in writing. Also read FAQ What are the obligations of a Responsible Person?