Cosmetics - how much do all-in full Responsible Person services cost?

It is important to properly weigh total costs and benefits. Total costs for regulatory work may spiral when adding all direct and indirect costs and efforts from your side that go into it. And the impact of non-compliance and (temporary) loss of market access may permanently damage your commercial potential in particular when you work with long-term distribution and sales relations in the EU.

Fixed fee per product and product variant per year

At TRC we charge a fixed fee per product per year with all of our services included. This way you are ensured that no additional costs are charged for help with getting your PIF together, the safety assessment performed and updated over time, your labels and claims reviewed any time you redesign your products, your products (re)notified in CPNP whenever details change and/or when TRC represents you in case of authority inspection.

Only when testing is needed, we will recommend on testing requirements and a testing laboratory. A testing laboratory is directly contracted and paid by you without any interest or stake for TRC except for ensuring high quality test results to support our services.

For product portfolio’s that include formulation variations of a single base formula we work with strongly reduced fees. Some examples are soaps, shampoos, lip glosses that are offered in several fragrance/flavor/color variants; and lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes that are offered in many shades.