Food Supplements - how much do regulatory services cost?

There are many EU and member state regulations for food supplements, they are not harmonized, and the combination of all these regulations makes the regulatory work for food supplements highly complex.

Upfront estimated timelines and costs

This complexity makes it hard to set firm timelines and to quote fixed fees. Based on a quick scan of basic data and documents for your product portfolio, we are able to estimate project timelines and the number of hours needed for our services upfront. We typically charge based on the number of hours against an hourly fee.

Our estimates will be as solid and realistic as possible. However, unforeseen factors may significantly increase the amount of work. In those cases TRC will discuss with you how to proceed. TRC will not charge a significant number of additional hours without prior approval by you.

When testing is needed, we will advise on testing requirements and can recommend a testing laboratory. A testing laboratory is directly contracted and paid by you. We have no other interest than to ensure efficient and high quality test results to complement our services. We have no commercial stakes or interest in any testing laboratories.