Food Supplements - what should be my first step now as an EU importer?

At TRC we always start with a quick scan of your portfolio, formulations, data and documents, and with your commercial priorities and timelines in mind. One of our experts will quickly scan the compliance of your products for the member states where you plan to sell your products and estimate lead-times and needed resources by yourself and TRC.

Start to collect your data and documents

It is important that you have some basic data and documents available for your product portfolio. Even before beginning to discuss a formal contract we will perform a quick scan. We can inform you which basic data we need.

Your manufacturer and/or suppliers should be able to provide you with relevant technical information for your products, ingredients and packaging components. It is important to check the certifications of the manufacturer and/or suppliers, the quality systems they have in place and how traceability in the supply chain is managed.

And contact us

A scan of your ingredients (raw materials) and product formulations, and the supporting data and documents gives our experienced senior experts immediate insights.

Based on your commercial priorities and timelines for individual EU member state roll-out, we will discuss when to start, what part of your portfolio to focus on, and which activities to start with. It is important to identify the activities that are on the critical time path towards meeting your deadlines. We will also be able to identify and highlight potential interdependencies and risks.