EU member state product notification

Food supplements must be notified in most EU member states before placing the product on the member state market. The procedures, lead-times, language requirements, and costs of notification vary significantly between individual member states. TRC can notify your products in most Western European countries.

Local notification procedures

There is no central EU notification system in place for food supplements. Several member states do not require notification.

Some require a simple free notification that can be performed in a day, while others actively review the mandatory registration information with lead-times ranging from 1 week up to 3 months and service fee charges up to several hundreds of Euros per product.

Some countries work on the basis of "mutual recognition" and base their product acceptance to a large extent on successful applications in specific EU member states.

Given this fragmented context and individual country specificities it is important to have a clear roll-out plan for the EU member states that you plan to access with your products. Over the years we have built extensive and up-to-date experience to most efficiently and successfully notify your products.

Notifications on your behalf

Unlike under the EU Cosmetics Regulations, the RFBO cannot delegate the legal liability for food supplements it places on the EU market. Product notifications will therefor always be performed by TRC on your behalf.

Once notified, local authorities will consider you or your local distributors as their primary point of contact. To learn more on how TRC can provide you with ongoing support in relation to EU and local authorities, continue to Responsible Food Business Operator (RFBO) details.