PIF building

A well structured product information file (PIF) is indispensable, central to many regulatory processes, and a legal requirement. The product dossier includes key information on raw materials, suppliers, production methods, products, producers, brand owners, and the consumer history of use of the products.

The basis for compliance and safety

At the start, we will jointly create a comprehensive and compliant product information file (PIF). We will provide clear instructions and checklists for your R&D, manufacturing, QC and procurement departments to ensure that all required data, documents and test reports are timely and correctly included in the PIF.

The PIF contains input to many mandatory activities such as the safety assessment, label and label ingredients review, and the mandatory cosmetic product safety report (CPSR). And the PIF needs continuous updating when for example raw materials, suppliers and/or labels change.

Cosmetovigilance records need to be continuously updated to include the latest information on the consumer history of use and potential (serious) undesirable effects.

Fully digital

We manage product PIFs and compliance in PRIMS, our proprietary in-house developed cloud software solution for cosmetics. Working in PRIMS delivers great efficiency and quality benefits.

It has specifically been designed around managing cosmetic product regulatory compliance, to build and maintain full up-to-date PIFs, and to have real-time insights in full portfolio safety and compliance against the latest included regulatory and toxicology data.

The use of the PRIMS cloud software solution has proven key in passing recent authority inspections with our clients.