Regulatory compliance & safety assessment

Cosmetic products on market need to be regulatory compliant AND safe. As a brand owner you need to be very confident about that. Our expert team of toxicologists, chemists and experienced safety assessors will perform the regulatory compliance and the safety assessment, and they will continuously monitor any changes that may impact the regulatory compliance and/or safety of your products.

Your dedicated expert

We appoint a dedicated TRC expert to each client, who will assess all raw materials, formulas, packaging and finished products for compliance with the EU, UK and/or the US Cosmetics Regulations. From the regulatory compliance point of view, the expert will evaluate the absence of banned substances, the maximum quantity of restricted substances, and the exclusive use of allowed colorants, preservatives and UV-filters.

As the Cosmetics Regulations not only require assessment on compliance, but also assessment of the safety of individual substances in the formulations and product stability, the TRC expert will also assess safety and perform safety calculations (e.g., calculate the margins of safety (MoS)) and prepare the CPSR according to the Annex 1 requirements.

Continued compliance and safety

It is important to realize that a product that has been assessed as compliant and safe, can become non-compliant and/or unsafe. Either through developments in the regulatory and scientific domain, and/or by developments initiated by you as a brand owner and your suppliers. For example, the use of specific substances can be further restricted or banned completely based on new scientific insights; and as a brand owner you may decide to switch suppliers, to reformulate your product, or to adjust your product claims.

Our experts will continuously monitor any changes that may impact regulatory compliance and/or safety of your products, and ensure that they are timely and adequately addressed.

With confidence and 24/7

For a new product (preferably in the NPD stage), all data that is entered into our software is verified by our experts based on the supporting documents.

Simultaneously all data is automatically assessed in real-time against the regulatory and toxicological data at substance level. At every stage in the product life-cycle, and at any time a change takes place the impact on safety and compliance is immediately visible in dashboard overviews and communicated with you.

As a result, we have 24/7 insight in the status of your raw materials, formulas, packaging and products. Not only on safety and compliance, but also on the product life-cycle they are in.  This way you and our team can be confident about your portfolio compliance and safety at all times.