Product notification in CPNP

Before introducing products on the EU market, they must be notified in the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). This is the duty of the Responsible Person. Notifications are valid for all EU and EEA countries. It is a short last step towards EU market readiness by your dedicated TRC expert.


CPNP is the free of charge online notification system created to facilitate the implementation of the EU Cosmetics Regulation. Information in CPNP serves (national) authorities for the purpose of market surveillance, analysis, evaluation and consumer information. It may also be used by Poison Centers or similar bodies for the purpose of medical treatment in case of poisoning.

Our experts will ensure that all mandatory notification data is correctly and timely submitted for your products, is maintained and timely adjusted (e.g. in case of product updates such as reformulation or label updates).  

Safeguard and guarantee your products

A Responsible Person safeguards and guarantees the compliance and safety of each cosmetic product on the EU market. This must be an EU legal entity (a person/company established in an EU member state). The (first) importer into the EU market is by default considered to be the Responsible Person.

We strongly advise our clients to appoint one single service provider to perform the safety assessment and all other regulatory steps towards EU market readiness, to mandate the same service provider as the Responsible Person for their products and to manage REACH compliance. Shorter timelines, higher efficiency, better quality, lower costs and having the “truth in one place” are clear benefits of working with a single service provider.

For more details see EU Responsible Person (RP).

Notification by TRC

As your Responsible Person we will notify your products in CPNP, perform updates in the notification and will be your central contact point for all EU and member state authorities for as long as your products are available on the EU market.

The final digital labels and images of your products are needed for notification. The product labels need to include some minimum TRC Responsible Person details.

We will also process all required updates in CPNP, resulting from changes in formulation, packaging, labelling, images, pack sizes, suppliers, EU distribution countries, etc.

Dossier inspections will always take place at our address irrespective of the reason for inspection or the origin of the inspection request (any EU member state inspection authority).