Label and claim review

Cosmetic products must be labelled according to strictly defined labelling requirements. The requirements do not only apply to (INCI) ingredients listing, but also to mandatory items on the primary and secondary packaging, claims and the language(s) used on the label. We will provide input, advise and review to enable you to streamline the process.

Regulatory content brief (RCB)

When marketing multiple products in multiple countries in multiple languages it is easy to lose track, make mistakes, run into costly reworks, and spend too much time.

Based on the PIFs and the assessments, our experts will define the mandatory label content for your products, and will share that with you in a so-called regulatory content brief (RCB). You can use the RCB as input for your artwork design and marketing texts, such as primary and secondary (outer) product packaging, labels, online shop product information and product information texts. The RCB includes the correct naming and ordering for the (INCI) ingredients listing.

Design labels efficiently and effectively

There are significant differences between labelling requirements between countries and regions such as the US and the EU/UK (e.g. inclusion of allergens and carry over ingredients in the ingredients listing, ingredient names, and mandatory warnings).

And although the EU Cosmetics Regulation harmonises labelling requirements for all EU countries, it is important to bear in mind that products need to be sold with the local language(s) on the labels for each individual country.

Not all information needs to be translated country by country and it is possible to work with multilingual labelling. We can advise on what needs to be translated, what country roll-out plan to follow, and what labelling (clustering) strategy to take.

We will also review the substantiation (e.g. test results, scientific literature) of your claims upfront, and where needed advise on the rewording of your claims to ensure authority approval in case of inspection.

Advise and review by TRC

With our RCB, that is provided after the initial PIF review, you can have your draft artworks (re)designed and your marketing texts (re)written. Our expert will also review and approve your final texts, and advise on the cosmetic product information provided on your website(s) and in other marketing materials such as leaflets and brochures presented to the consumer.

TRC will monitor regulatory changes with regards to labelling and consumer information (including product claims), and when applicable advise on the adjustment of product labelling and consumer information.

It is our aim to avoid cumbersome post launch relabeling and/or costly reworks by ensuring that you will have compliant labels designed upfront. And whenever you decide to reformulate your products, we will automatically update the RCB including the (INCI) ingredients listing.