Commercial partners

We are very interested to learn about offers that increase the possibilities to our clients. Solutions that lead to higher efficiency, effectiveness, quality and speed. We are interested in partnering to connect our clients with partners that provide one/multiple of the following services.

Contract manufacturers, 3rd party manufacturers, private label manufacturers

Partner manufacturers are able to provide all the required regulatory data and documentation that are needed to assess and manage product regulatory compliance and safety by TRC. Of course we can cooperate under a mutual NDA to mutually protect confidential information.

Our in-house developed PRIMS compliance management software solution is an unrivalled very high-value solution to all manufacturers that have to manage a complex combination of many different raw materials, formulations, products, brands and suppliers in the face of ever-changing regulations.  

Feel free to contact us for more information and/or a demonstration of our software solution.


Codibel has entered into a partnership with TRC, using TRC expertise and TRC PRIMS regulatory compliance software to ensure continued compliance of its own-brand cosmetics and those created for customers.

Distributors EU/UK

Some of our clients approach us for recommendations for logistical and/or commercial services, services that TRC does not and will not offer.

For cosmetics, TRC is appointed by most clients as their Responsible Person in the EU and/or the UK, and thereby taking on the responsibility for the continuous compliance and safety of cosmetic products on the market including representation towards the competent authorities.

For food supplements, the current regulations do not allow a service provider such as TRC to be appointed as a responsible entity/authorized representative. Importers are by default responsible under the applicable regulations, and are the typical and most likely candidate for product notifications/registrations under their entity name.

We look forward to discuss potential partnerships. We particularly look forward to recommend distributors to our food supplements clients that are willing to engage in long-term partnerships with our clients and have products notified/registered under their entity name in most European countries including the UK.

E-commerce platforms, and (online) retailers

E-commerce platforms and (online) retailers have an ever increasing market share in the sale of consumer products. Partly stimulated by regulatory bodies and progressive regulations, these organisations take on increasing responsibilities to monitor and ensure that products are safe and compliant. At the same time it important to ensure that sellers and brand owners are assisted with compliance services.

To that end we have entered into a partnership with (2021). We aim to establish more partnerships to jointly ensure safe and compliant consumer products. partnership and TRC have entered into a partnership to ensure product safety of products sold on and to provide accessible services to sellers

Product testing laboratories

Product testing is mandatory and key for most cosmetic products, food supplements and other consumer goods. To determine what details require testing, we pay close attention to the nature of the product, exposure scenarios and claims in our. When testing is required, and not readily available, we typically refer to high-quality testing laboratories.

Partner testing laboratories are sufficiently certified, provide clear and comprehensive offers that meet our needs to verify compliance, and deliver on time.

Translation agencies

Product labels and marketing texts need to be professionally translated in all the individual national languages of the countries where consumers can buy a product, be it in physical retail stores or through online channels.

At TRC we provide Regulatory Content Briefs (RCB’s) for all products to all our clients once all relevant details have become clear in the development stage and after assessment. These RCB’s contain all mandatory content that must be included on product labels and online with the product.

However, we do not and will not provide label translations services for translation in the various languages. We are convinced that product success in part depends on high-quality translations of artwork and marketing texts.  

We are interested to set-up a strong combination of regulatory services and professional translation services.  Contact us to discuss how to create a joint complementary offer.

Alternative partnerships

Partnerships can come in many forms and can be multi-faceted. We are very happy to discuss the possibilities, and how to best suit your specific context and needs.