Cosmetics compliant in 5 steps

In choosing your suppliers and ingredients, in developing your formulations, in deciding on your product positioning and claims, and in rolling out your sales and distribution, it is important to understand the product compliance requirements in the markets where you products will be sold. And to assess for compliance early on in the process.

Maximum support through a clear and transparant approach

Independent of the stage your products are in, we provide maximum support on product compliance through a clear and transparant 5 step approach. We start with a free Prescan of your portfolio to be clear on the possibilities, lead-times and the needed resources. By appointing TRC as your compliance partner, your Responsible Person (EU/UK) and/or your US Agent (for non-US based manufacturing facilities) you will ensure continued services for as long as your products are available and sold in the EU, the UK and/or the USA.


Contact us and have your portfolio pre-assessed for free! We will look into your needs, your product formulations, your product label and marketing materials, and discuss your product dossiers.

PIF building

We will jointly create a fully compliant product information file (PIF). TRC will provide clear instructions, templates and checklists for your R&D, manufacturing, QC and procurement departments to ensure that all required data, documents and test reports are timely and correctly included in the PIF.

Regulatory compliance & safety assessment

Our expert team of toxicologists, chemists and experienced safety assessors will perform the regulatory compliance and safety assessment in-house. Once completed, the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) and the regulatory content briefs for your labels and claims will be issued.

Label and claim review

We will deliver the regulatory content briefs for your labels and claims including the (INCI) ingredients listing, and will review your artwork design and marketing materials to avoid cumbersome post launch relabeling and/or costly reworks.

Product notification/Product listing

Notification/listing of your products is the last short step towards market readiness. We will notify your products as your Responsible Person (EU/UK), list your products with the FDA (USA), or assist you to do so under your own company name.

Your product is now market ready!

EU/UK Responsible Person &
US Agent/compliance partner

The compliance and safety of each cosmetic product has to be monitored and continuously managed with all relevant information readily available for competent authorities. TRC will do so as your Responsible Person (RP) in the EU/UK, and your US Agent/compliance partner in the USA.

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“PRIMS is very well designed by TRC and extremely user friendly with easy and fast access to all specifications, and exact product compliance status under EU and UK Cosmetics Regulations. It is an extremely helpful tool to track detailed information of raw materials and to manage registration compliance through the REACH compliance dashboard. We found PRIMS very useful in the tremendous effort of ingredient evaluation as a result of the Chemical Strategy for sustainability (CSS) in light of the EU Green Deal."

Katelijn Ramakers
Amway Regulatory Affairs & QA - Europe/SA/ANZ & Russia/KAZ

“We have found an all-round long-term partner in The Regulatory Company. Together we work on ensuring safety and regulatory compliance of our products and our proprietary ingredients. We jointly monitor and manage the impact of regulatory amendments. This way we stay focused on that what truly matters for the TCI clients’ brands.”

Yin-Chun (Yin), Liu
Managing Director TCI Biotech Netherlands B.V. (3rd party manufacturer)
Logo Codibel

“Product compliance and product safety are key. With TRC as our compliance partner, and PRIMS cloud solution as a very easy to use, high quality and value adding tool, we feel very confident that the highest level of compliance and safety of our products will be maintained. Now, and in the future, as regulations continue to evolve.”

Susan Knops | Jethro Schiansky
Quality Assurance Manager | Legal & RA Advisor (3rd party manufacturer)

“We are thrilled to announce a new service agreement between the CIRS Group and The Regulatory Company | TRC. TRC, a renowned regulatory toxicology and product compliance consultancy firm based in The Hague, Netherlands, has become our trusted partner. As part of this collaboration, we're excited to leverage TRC's cutting-edge PRIMS software for our EU and UK cosmetics services, paving the way for future expansion into other regions.”

David Wan
Head of Strategy Operation at CIRS GROUP, Managing Director of CIRS EU

“The TRC expert that we work with is a highly experienced expert, very responsive and a great partner to our team to ensure market presence in many EU member states.”

COO / Co-Founder
EU-based leading food supplements for special purposes brand